About Us

About Us

Our company has its roots in almost seventy years of experience and passion for the construction industry…


1948. The Pornassio-born mason Angelo Fresia, thanks to his future wife from Ceriale, came into contact with the wealth produced by agriculture in the Albenga Plains.

He realized the unexpressed potential of the construction field, stuck for over twenty years due to the 1929 crisis and the war.

1952. He built his own house and decided to propose the farmers of the area the construction of new, more comfortable homes. In those years, with the work of a single day, many of them were earning enough to be able to afford a new one!

In a short time, he became a pioneer in the field.
In the early sixties, he started investing his profits. First small “subdivisions” and then some condominiums. Angelo moved in of these with his family.

He started teaching his young sons to work at construction sites during the summer holidays. The oldest two, Francesco and Giuseppe, after the premature death of their father Angelo in 1979, left college studies and took over the company.

Meanwhile, the construction industry had completely changed: town planning came into effect.

“Franco” and “Pinuccio” started again from scratch in their hometown, Ceriale: small public contracts, sewers and carpentries.

Then some villas in the hills, a first subdivision and a building renovation. Two buildings in Campochiesa and one in Albenga followed.

In 1991 they started an operation regarding 63 accomodations in Ceriale, then a building renovation in downtown Campochiesa d’Albenga and some terraced houses in the same locality.

In the mid-nineties, the residential complex “Le Fornaci” saw the light in Loano.

At the same time about twenty warehouses for craftwork were built in Giustenice, village just above Pietra Ligure.

After a fruitful 20-years collaboration that led to the construction of hundreds of housing units in several zones of western Liguria, the Fresia brothers parted ways in 1998.


Franco founded FRESIA 1952 SRL (the year in which the father built his first house).

An intervention in the old town center of Finale Ligure, with luxury apartments, garages and shops, marked the beginning of a new individual path.

2001. The demolition and subsequent restructuring of the former colony Borsalino in Loano (yes, the hats!) let to the birth of a residential complex with 84 apartments and 118 garages, “Il Palmeto”.

2002. Fresia 1952 was flanked by Immobiliare Rio Largo Srl in the acquisition of areas and complexes to urbanistically renovate in Ceriale, Loano, Finale Ligure and Varazze.

In Ceriale four operations: standing out among them a complex in Via Cappelletta I and, a few meters from the sea, the former religious colony “Casa Serena”, which was demolished and transformed in the homonymous condominium with 56 apartments and 80 garages.

2012. The residential complex “Eco sul mare” got completed in the Conca d’Oro of Pietra Ligure. A beautiful view enhanced by complete peacefulness, one kilometer from the highway and 800 meters from the sea.

2016. In Ceriale again,“Riviera Palace”, the prestigious and impressive building facing the sea.

Spring 2018. In Loano, in the “Poeti” area, as much quiet as it is close to the sea (5 minutes walk), the structures of “Villa Edoardo” are getting built (name chosen in honor of the first grandson of Francesco). 14 rooms, 21 boxes, parking spaces and cellars.

In Varazze the construction of “Villa Harmony” is starting: it will be a residential complex consisting of 9 apartments, garages and cellars. Sea view, ​​140 meters from the beach.

The company is about to embark on new projects in Ceriale, Pietra Ligure, Finale Ligure and Savona…


ABITARE INNOVATIVO encloses in two simple words the essence of Fresia 1952 and Immobiliare Rio Largo.

The traditional concept of home, a place to experience everyday and where to cultivate memories, finds an “innovative” dimension, both in form and in the materials.

The warmth of wood and the solidity of stone are intertwined with the technology of steel and the lightness of glass to create an environment that can accommodate and encourage diverse and modern ways of living.

Considerable investments on new materials (stainless steel, aluminum, tempered glass, ventilated walls, porcelain stoneware and the latest generation of sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials…) are flanked by the search for high output machines using renewable energy (heat pump air conditioners, mechanized air freshening…) dealing with the air of our accommodations in order to ensure optimal comfort throughout the day and year.

A special relevance is given to the quality of life in our homes.
We never stop searching for solutions and strategies for thermal and acoustic insulation which, as well as being synonymous with strength and durability, decrease maintenance costs, increase wellness and promote maximum environmental sustainability.